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My Stages as a Programmer

I don’t know about other programmers, but I find myself in two stages quite randomly. 1 – I love programming. It’s the stage where I feel like the world can change with my lines of code. The stage where I say, “Wow, this is cool, I can automate this because I know programming, let me...
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I do not understand

Hello, welcome to daddy's blog! You should know that you won't find any cartoons around. You've been warned!

Joshua Pacurar

For the first time since… forever, today is the first time when I left home for a few days and forgot to pack my laptop’s charger.

Luckily, this thing charges with any USB-C cable and I have a power brick that is able to charge it, slower than its original charger, but at least I can work.

Is it just me, or anybody likes the coffee to be lukewarm or even cold? I hate hot coffee, I cannot properly feel the flavour.

So I make my cup of coffee and let it sit for 30 minutes or longer. Change my mind.

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Why do I like to continue listening to “canceled” people

There’s an increasing trend nowadays. A person makes a mistake, or there are allegations that the person did something bad but nothing is yet proven. Guess what, I also made many mistakes but I am not famous enough and nobody cares. So why do we feel the urge to blame and cancel people for their...

A little update to this post

I got the T-shirt on the 19th of July, a few days before my birthday.

The Romanian post used to be slow, but it arrived in a decent amount of time.

Do you know what’s tricky when you have a blog? Keeping it updated.

It is easier to post on Twitter… but no more!

I want to control my content, so I will be more active on the blog again.

Even if no one reads my posts, this is my personal public journal.

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A long overdue matter to fix

Last weekend, we went to a family retreat with many families from our church. One thing that I realized while listening to the family speaking there is that in all those years since 2020 when we first applied for a diversity visa and first thought about living in the US… we never had one day...
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Why the European Union Won’t be the Next United States of America (Europe)

The European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA) are two of the most significant political and economic entities in the world. Some have speculated that the EU could one day become a unified entity akin to the USA. Still, a closer examination of language, history, and national differences between EU countries and...
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My Accidents in Over 10 Years of Driving

I was thinking the other day while driving toward Oradea that I recently renewed my driver’s license, so I already have over 10 years of driving experience. However, in these years, despite having had accidents, only one can truly be considered my fault. The first accident was with my parent’s car, a Ford Focus. We...
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Syntax.fm joins Sentry

My favorite podcast, Syntax.FM got acquired by Sentry. More details about this here. I think I started listening to Syntax (looking through the episode list right now to remember) around January 2018. I did not listen to every episode, but I listened to most of them. I always loved Wes’ and Scott’s dedication to the...
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In simple terms: How does a crypto wallet work, how does the blockchain work, and how can you be hacked?

I am part of various Facebook or Telegram crypto groups where inevitably there are also many beginners or less technical users. Often I see phrases like “my funds were transferred to another wallet, but I don’t understand how since I had both pin and face ID authentication”. Let me explain briefly and in simple terms...
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