Because I am a true geek, I own quite a few board games.

One day I thought to myself... what if I would upload all my current board games as NFTs on the MultiversX Blockchain? So that is exactly what I did.

You can view all my current board games on the xSpotlight website, but I will also list those below, fetched directly from the blockchain, sorted randomly and cached for 30 minutes to avoid repeated calls.

Total board games currently owned: 65
NFT Collection: BOARD-25bcd6

You can read the "behind the scenes" of this page and the NFTs on this Twitter thread.

Each board game tile containing an NFT behind the scene has a "play count" that is stored in the Smart Contract with the addresss erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqpgq8c2s6jf7je90x5wy843c2e8nlekejrf7vp3sxrvnka.
The "play count" is incremented each time the "Play" button is clicked and the value is stored on the blockchain.

Note: The play count is only taken into account from the moment I deployed the smart contract on the blockchain. The real play count is higher mostly for every game ;).

Lifetime owned
Currently owned
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