Hello there 👋!

I'm Filip Pacurar, welcome to my shiny retro website. I tried to make it as awkward looking as I could.

The main attraction of this website is the blog, but because this is an out of the ordinary website, on the first page you cannot see the latest posts.

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Hey, you! Yes, I'm talking about you! Pay attention for a few minutes here.

There you go, no that my awesome marketing techniques worked and I have your attention, let's talk serious business.

I've been a full time programmer for more that 10 years. I've been a geek since general school and highschool and in my free time I exercised web programming, so I gained experience since sort of early in my life.

#php #laravel #html #octobercms #react #vuejs #reactnative #java #swift #aureliajs #tailwindcss #bootstrap #javascript #mysql , those are just a few of the techhologies that you have 10% chances of knowing about if you are not in the programming world, but I know them to some extent and I work with those daily. There is no perfect solution though, that's why we can look for the best solution togheter for your project.

I work for clients all over the world, Canada, USA and of course, my home country Romania. So you're all welcomed.

If you want me to make an IT project with you that is not boring, we can get in touch on [email protected], let's talk.

I want IT consultancy

Read the blog, probabily that's why you are here.

Easter-egg hunt!

Because this is not a boring blog, I've hidden a few interactive bits around here. Are you up to finding all of them? To be fair, I don't even know how many are there, because whenever I get a cool idea, I code it directly without thinking.

Let me give you an example hint: on this page you can see me waving my hand to you.

Saw it? This is a simple thing, but here are more well hidden things on all those pages.

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You know that standard text bit...
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blah blah..... it does not apply around here 🤣, because even if all the content here belongs to me, I cannot stop you from sharing it, copying the text (even though... why would you copy a text that is about my personal life?) and so on... this is a democratic blog. Do whatever you want. Until I won't let you anymore.

Please, meet...

Let me see your cat!
I want the dog again!