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Let’s start with the beginning – my parents named me Filip Iulian Pacurar on 21th of July, 1993. I liked it so much that I still use this name nowadays. I’m 30 years old. I am married with the girl that changed my whole life – Catalina. We married on 6th of September, 2015.

From 6th of January 2017 I’ve became a father. First a father for Joshua. He is the smartest, happiest and energetic kid I know 😂. He is now 6 years old.

Then another little one came into this world on 4th of March 2019 – Caleb. He is 4 years old now when writing this. He was the first buddy to Joshua until….

… Until 14th of March 2023 when God blessed our family with Noah, our 3rd boy. We are currently not sure with whom he resembles the most, 70% with Iosua and 30% with Caleb.

Since I’ve graduated high school I am a full time programmer. I’ve started working for a startup company named Web Efficient back in 2012. That company is now called Redouble. I’ve worked at this company for more than 5 years and in this period I learned a lot of things and grown big time. I even became the CTO in 2016. Wrote a lot of code and managed projects.

In the year 2018 I decided to do a big change. I left the company after more that 5 years and decided to be a freelancer and work from home. I work mostly for a company from Toronto, Canda called Meevo. I can also work on other projects too if I need to. Working in a company did not give me this option. But now I am free.

I am a christian and I believe that in everything I do i must glorify God. This is the cornerstone of my whole life.

I love having a blog. I started this blog (but the romanian content) in 2008. So what’s it like, 13 years right? I write mostly for me, not for other people. I like having a journal that I can read in the future and smile. I wrote on the blog when I got engaged, I wrote when I had bad days and memories. This is practically my journal. I like to own the content I make because Facebook might not exist when I am 65.

I am an enthusiast programmer and I like everything around programming in general, servers and geek things. The server this blog is on is configured by me. I never chose the easy path to host this blog (things like free hostings). I always say that my content should belong to me 100%. That’s why I never moved this blog to Medium. I like doing weird things with my blog, unusual themes and the only way to do that is through my own hosting and code.

Here are some short things about me so you don’t have to spend the whole day on this page.

  • Huge Apple fan since my first iPhone.
  • Was a huge Lenovo laptops fan. I still got my t530 model.
  • PHP and Javascript are the main languages I work with.
  • I love my wife Catalina.
  • Proud father of Joshua, Caleb and Noah.
  • Was CTO of a startup
  • I prefer Twitter over Facebook anytime
  • I like Telegram
  • I like to build my own servers
  • I currently live in Arad, Romania
  • Family life is the best
  • I am a Christian.
  • I work a lot with WordPress
  • I like using Laravel and October CMS a lot
  • I have this blog since 2008
  • I mostly work remote from home
  • Since 2016 I work on Macbooks only

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