Spelling/grammar mistakes

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Know this from the start: this blog is a hobby for me. Also, I am not a native english speaker.

My high school profile (program) was dual language: english and romanian. I’ve had english classes daily for all my high school period, sometimes even two hours a day. I also graduated the Computed Science university, so I am not the most uncultivated man on earth.

The posts around here are mostly written in a rush, rarely I spend more than an hour writing an article. This is because my main source of income is my freelancing job. If I do not work for an hour, I lose money. Simple as that. So when I am writing a post, I lose money.

If you find a mistake, be it grammar or spelling one, please let me know in the comments section. I will try to write as correctly as I can, but I’m only human after all. Like Rag’n’Bone Man says in his song.

Almost all the time, my wife reads my blogs posts and if she founds anything odd, she is the first person to let me know.

All humans make mistakes. Please choose the happy path and let me know about mine, don’t choose the hater path.

Thank you for understanding.

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