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28 de ani de viata

Am tot vrut sa scriu aceasta postare ieri 21 iulie, chiar cand am implinit 28 de ani. Dar am fost prea prins cu altele si nu am mai apucat. Nu-i nimic, tot 28 de ani am si astazi. Deci… a mai trecut un an, am mai imbatranit un an. 28 de ani de viata. M-am...
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I do not understand

Hello, welcome to daddy's blog! You should know that you won't find any cartoons around. You've been warned!

Joshua Pacurar

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Nostalgia: tent edition

There are moments in my life when I become nostalgic. Those moments primarily appear when I rediscover a thing from my past that brings back memories. Some of these moments appear when I visit my parents’ house where I lived for 20 years. Some of my things are still there and some are even in...
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Starting to watch all the Marvel movies

I love watching a good Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, who doesn’t right? I remember back when we had no kids I started watching Iron Man and that day I convinced my wife to watch it with me too, all 3 of them. Marvel is so cool, but I am wondering if there is something from...