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Oversharing melodies

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Does this happen to you: you hear a song somewhere that you really like a lot and you want to share it with your friends? The problem that I usually encounter is that right after the song you share you hear a new one that you like even more and you want to share it too.

But… what are you even doing? Posting spam Youtube links on Facebook? Who sees all of those and listens to them? And by the way, the Facebook algorithm will see that it’s too much and you won’t have any reach. Not good at all.

This just happened to me now. I’ve shared a great song on Facebook but I also have 9 more that are great too, I keep listening to them on repeat all day long today.

So, here I am on my own blog sharing a Spotify playlist where you can listen to all 10 of them. My house, my rules.

If you do not have a Spotify account, create one! It is a great service with tons of music that you can listen even with a free account and some ads.

Hope you’ll like the song mix!

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