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Winning the Diversity Lottery program

Well… it’s a lot harder than you’d think!

It is the very first time we are applying as a family for the Diversity Program to get a green card in the US. I applied as the main applicant and added my wife Catalina and two sons on the applications as well. We might have had a second chance if Catalina applied on her own as another main applicant and add me as well as the kids there too, but we decided to keep it simple this year.

At first, I was hopeful we would get selected, even though the mechanism is random and there is only a small chance to win. Then, I almost forgot for months that we applied until today when the results were announced.

We will apply again this year in the fall and the next year and so on because we would like that one day we would be able to move legally in the USA. Why? Well, that’s a story for another post, but mainly the kids would have much more chances in life than here in Romania. Also, we want to live in a new culture, Europe is kind of the same with an extra twist in every european country.

So… I am not sad at all, also because this year is a tricky one, embassies are closed and the chance to actually get from being selected in the lottery to moving in the States are low. But let’s hope that next year the pandemic will be over and life will return to normal.

Until then, there are other exciting things waiting to happen this year.

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