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What brings me joy

This is entry #5 for the Bloganuary challenge. Today’s prompt is “What brings you joy in life?”

There might be days when I am down, days when I am very happy, or regular/normal days. There might be periods of time when I am in the mood for coding and stay at the office desk more, there might be times when I need comfort.

One thing that always brings me joy in any situation I am in is my family: my awesome wife Catalina and my (currently) two boys, one is due to be born in a few months.

Mariage nowadays is not so popular amongst young adults. But I think that getting married at 22 was a great decision for me and my way of living. Some people do it later in life when they realize they are all alone, but instead, I had my wife near me in every moment of my life.

If I feel down about something on a particular day, it is something therapeutic when my boys want to tickle me and they are in a playful mood with me.

I would highly recommend anyone still hesitating to get married just do it. It is not always easy, but it gives you a new purpose in life.

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