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Wasted working hours…

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I am on a 6-day streak of writing daily on my blog so I could not miss posting something today.

Let me tell you the latest stupid thing I made today.

Tuesday night I got really hooked up on the idea to add another SSD to my workstation and install the third operating system besides macOS and Windows. I spent a few hours configuring everything in Ubuntu so that I could write code from that os without any problems.

All good, it works even though I did not work or boot in Ubuntu since then, but it’s a good feeling to know I have it available.

Today, Thursday, Catalina comes to me asking for help formatting a USB stick. I plug the USB stick in, open up disk management and click format……. Of course, you already know what happened, I formatted the SSD drive with Ubuntu on it, the one I spend a few hours configuring… the SSD was called Kingston and so did the USB drive.

And just like that… my work hours configuring the Ubuntu system went away for nothing.

What can I say, I am an amateur on things like these, aren’t I?

So I have things to do this weekend, I’ll install Ubuntu again. Nice…

How about you? Is everything ok?

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