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How do you like your coffee?

I am a coffee guy – period! I like coffee and sometimes maybe I drink too much of it.

I am also a programmer so the perfect stereotype – programmers drink coffee.

I drink it for the taste, not to keep me awake. I can drink coffee (maybe even 2-3) and in the next 10 minutes I will fall asleep, so I think I am imune to the caffeine in it. I even have decaf, because intaking a huge amount of caffeine cannot be healthy.

But I have a dilemma. I am not sure how I like my coffee. I like mixing an changing things. I even have two types of Nespresso machines – the original system that makes good espressos and the new Vertuo system that makes longer coffees.

I always mix those. On one hand, I like having a long Americano-like coffee that I can enjoy for a longer period… but on the other hand I like the shorter coffees because they taste better and have more rich aromas.

I also usually drink them black – no sugar no milk. But there are times when I add milk and a few times when I add a spoon of sugar, just to mix things up. But to be real, once you taste different aromas without sugar you see this is the better way to drink coffees. When you add sugar almost all drinks taste the same.

So that is why I am curious about other people’s tastes about coffee. Tell me about it, how do you like your coffee and why?

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