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Burnouts in web development

People tend to think that web developers have the perfect job: work from home, stay at a cozy office and type some text that transforms into programs.

But in the real world, every if statement, every tiny decision, every deadline, and every project big or small leads to some kind of burnout.

I’ve had several burnouts in my career. Periods of time when I’ve done the bare minimum needed and then just… did nothing basically.

That is something not a lot of professions have to deal with. At least not that regularly.

I don’t want to complain, I love what I do daily. I love programming and I love challenges. But I want to tell new guys or girls that start in this space that it is not a perfect profession.

In some way, you trade your health and time for money. But I guess you do that in 90% of professions.

How do you manage burnout? How to get out of that state faster?

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