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Since when I signed the contract with the current company I am working with now, I never actively searched for another offer or contract. I’ve kept refusing offers because I don’t like being unstable and moving every three months or so for 50 euros extra.

I’ve kept refusing until I got an offer from Automattic this year and I thought “I have to try giving this shot, it is a dream company to work for”. If you’ve read my previous stories, you know that I blew up that shot and I did not get hired there, I think I’ll try the 4th time sometime again, but since then I did not think about switching the job again.

But hey, God has another plan for me and even the Automattic one failed… another opportunity came.

I am now in a transition week and since 30th of August, I will start a new contract. I will work for Arnia Software, a company from Bucharest that is pretty big. The recruitment process was quick and fun, we went straight to the things that matter.

I am hyped up to start the new contract one week from today and not only for the financial part, which is surely a plus, but I will work on a singular product and just on a single part: I’ll be a front-end developer and work with React all day long. It is a big difference from what I am doing now: backend, frontend, DevOps, mobile, and much more. I am curious what will be the feeling like to open VSCode in the morning and never switch context or project, be 100% on the same project, and only focused on the front end.

Maybe I will miss this part of context-switching or doing another area, but at least for the foreseeable future, I will enjoy working on a singular part and be more relaxed while doing it.

On top of the job change, the boys will start kindergarten soon, another chapter in our lives, so this will be the autumn of changes.

I’ll keep you updated with the way I transitioned to the new contract, how the new work-week will look like, and so on and so forth… but until then there’s a week left to leave things arranged at the current workplace where I’ve worked for 3 and a half years.

Here’s to a great transition and improving the quality of our lives!

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