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Accused of shoplifting!

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One of the things that annoy me the most is when we visit a shop, no matter if it’s big or a smaller neighborhood one, it that anyone is suspected of being a shoplifter.

Have you ever experienced this: you visit a small shop, maybe one in your neighborhood… and exactly where you’re looking for something there’s an employee that suddenly feels the urge to do something there too?

I was recently at a smaller shop on my parents’ street, Sunday afternoon, after church, dressed nicely, shirt and stuff, clean… so I was not looking like a shoplifter at all… and I see a lady that worked on the meat section of the store that is looking right at me. The next step she did was to come near me and start re-ordering some chocolate.

My initial thought was “let’s see how long can I keep her pretending she’s doing something not watching me”. That would have been fun.

Or here’s another situation. We go to Lidl, a shop like… not sure what the non-Europe version is, maybe Aldi?!… We have like 700 of Lidl’s in Arad, our town, and we pick one random. We have a game “Let’s see what Lidl are we visiting today”.

JK, in 90% of cases we pick the one closest to us. We even know the security guys from there, they are always the same ones. There’s one security guy which always suspects anyone of shoplifting. He sees me and my family daily, we say hi to each-other but I always have the impression he is always suspecting me of something and watching me from the older aisle. If I was stealing from Lidl, would I go there daily? And between us… Lidl makes some money from me and that’s not little.

So… yeah! I hate being suspected of shoplifting, even if nobody ever tells you straight that you’re suspected, but the way the behave around you is strange… Oh well, when you get out of the Lidl store there’s all sorts of sketchy people and beggars. That’s ok I guess.

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