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A new challenge: #writeDaily

This post is also available in: Română (Romanian)

Starting today, I’ve challenged myself with something new: #writeDaily.

I want to develop a new habit of writing something daily, either publicly or in private, just for me.

If you go right now on the homepage, you will see that I’ve published two statistics for this challenge: my best streak, which is the highest number of consecutive days I’ve written daily, and also the current streak which is the number of days I am currently writing daily.

The rules of this challenge are simple:

  • A streak begins when I’ve published something on a consecutive day
  • The streak starts at 2. For example, if I write a post on September 18th, it is currently 0, but if I publish another article the next day (Sep. 19th), the streak automatically jumps to 2
  • The streak is automatically reset where the last post is not for the current or previous day
  • Public or private posts count towards the streak. Private posts are still published on this blog but only visible to me
  • It does not matter if the post is in english or romanian

While working on the homepage, I’ve also updated it a bit with new stuff and updated my current details about the job. In the coming weeks, I’ll make some more changes around here, either update information that is outdated or modify the “design” a bit (if I can call it a design, it’s something weird!!)

Today is Saturday and the show Asia Express starts a new season so after I publish this… I will leave the office and relax.

I already have an idea for tomorrow’s post. The posts published for this challenge will not be a “work of art” at least not all of them. It is more like a public journal. From time to time I write more serious posts about various subjects, but otherwise, you can treat my posts as “personal” but available in public.

What can I say more than… here’s to as many days in a streak of daily posts!

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