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Why do I like to continue listening to “canceled” people

There’s an increasing trend nowadays. A person makes a mistake, or there are allegations that the person did something bad but nothing is yet proven.

Guess what, I also made many mistakes but I am not famous enough and nobody cares. So why do we feel the urge to blame and cancel people for their mistakes and not give them a second chance? For me, this looks dangerous.

Just the past week or so we got the allegations that Russell Brand exposed himself to a woman who “prefers to stay anonymous”. Guess what happened next? YouTube de-monetized his channel (even if he did not break any YouTube rules) on simple allegations. Rumble received such notifications to suspend the monetization for Russell Brands’ channel, but they denied citing they believe in “a free internet”. Other platforms will probably just blindly suspend him. All of these, remember, while he denied everything, and said every relationship he had with every woman was consensual, there is nothing proven yet in court, the woman is still unknown.

I think there is a dangerous precedent here being made. This further shows everyone that you should not rely on platforms, you should build your own platform. But this is another topic to discuss.

There is another different kind of case in Romania. George Buhnici, a man I have followed since many years ago, made some stupid remarks while being interviewed and he was also a bit drunk. Almost EVERYONE jumped on the cancel train and started to mock him, and stop watching his content, the sponsors ditched him because they were afraid of the masses that support this cancel culture.

Is George a guy that makes that mistake over and over again? No. Does he create helpful content and interesting things to hear and watch? Yes. So, why do I like listening to “canceled” people and not jumping on the cancel culture train right away? Because I believe in second chances. I still like some of the content he makes, I was not offended by a statement made while he was drunk (shame on the reporters who knew that and still decided to publish the interview) so why should I stop listening to him because others do it?

In the interview I shared at the end of this article, George talks about what happened after the event, how he managed it, and more interesting things. I like being guided by biblical principles and in the Bible we learn that God always gives more chances to everyone. I would not like to be canceled about a stupid mistake everyone makes, I can admit I was wrong and move on, why hate me when you can clearly see that I learned what I did wrong and try to not do it again in the future.

Will write more on this topic and on assuming your own mistakes and stop explaining yourself to the world. There are still a lot of people in this world who appreciate honesty and real people on the internet. And also we have Rumble, so if stupid YouTube keeps censoring people, you can just move to Rumble and enjoy free internet.

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