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Whittier, Alaska

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Do you know those Facebook posts and pages that randomly appear in your feed and you get some real facts? I did not follow any of them, but Facebook seems to know that I like those and randomly shows me those kinds of posts from time to time.

A normal human being would read the post and move on, but not me… when I see something interesting I tend to search for a lot of information about that thing I just learned.

That’s how I learned today about a town named Whittier from Alaska, USA. This tiny town has a population of under 300 permanent residents, most of them living in the same 14 story building in which you get almost everything you would want from a town: a church, a small hospital, school (including one big gym), a shop, a repair workshop, and a few other services. Also, the city hall is in the same building.

Because the weather is harsh there, most of the residents don’t often get out of the building, the school is connected with the 14-floor building through a tunnel.

Oh, I forgot to mention: the small town is completely isolated, it is located new the Prince William Sound harbor and the only way to get in the city is through a 13300 feet long tunnel (4100m). The tunnel is literally under a glacier, has a single concomitant lane, you have to wait for the cars or train on the other side to get through it before you can travel through it. Also, the tunnel closes at 10:30 PM so if you missed the last call you have to sleep in your car.

Here are 3 interesting videos about the small Alaskan town.

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