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What is a treasure that’s been lost?

This is entry #4 for the Bloganuary challenge. Today’s prompt is “What is a treasure that’s been lost?”

I am going to be grim in today’s post. A treasure humanity has found one day but lost again nowadays is peace.

I live in Romania, an eastern European country located near Ukraine. The war that Russia is fighting in Ukraine has devastated a lot of things, but it also scared Europe and its neighbors.

There was a part of this history where countries across the world lived in peace after the two world wars. Sure, we had the cold war which was fought on the economical side and it was an arms race without an actual fight.

But in 2023 if you watch a bit of news you’ll be scared. Two of our neighbors are “at war”: Russia has a “special mission” in Ukraine (a war that is not declared war), and Serbia is on brink of war with Kosovo…

China has vowed to take back Taiwan someday and there are tensions there too. North Korea has unresolved ties with every country but especially with the US and South Korea.

The world seems to sit on a bomb waiting to explode. With all this negativity around us it is easy to assume WW3 is next.

So I think peace is a treasure that we need to find again.

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