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What I like about the US #1

I will start a small series of quick posts about things I like in the US versus my own country/Europe.

Today I am going to talk about clothing.

I like that I can go to Walmart and buy a dozen packs of socks – Hanes Cushion. This type of socks:

I cannot find good pair of socks so easily in Romania that is durable, comfortable, and easy to clean and match after first use. I am sure there are alternatives, but not as easy as going into a random groceries store are buy them from there.

Also, since we are talking about Hanes, when I was in the US I wanted to buy some extra T-Shirts to sleep in because I had a small number of clothes with me, and buying some was the best thing to do. I quickly bought a pack of 3 pocket-type t-shirts and those are some of the most comfortable T-shirts I own now. Best part? Bought them cheap and without trying them first.

That’s it for today, gotta’ to keep the post small.

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