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Next blog theme iteration: 2022 edition

Usually, around this time of year, I want to build a new theme for my blog, but I still like the current one I have so I just decided to make small incremental changes. I’ve had some things on my mind for a while so now I just implemented some of those:

  • Make the container width a bit bigger – we all have wider displays and bigger resolutions.
  • Make the reading/content area smaller – solved it by the next bullet
  • Add a sidebar to content pages. I can now use widgets to add extra content to the blog.
  • Make the top main menu more minor/have fewer items. Solved this by making a custom widget with another menu on the newly added sidebar.
  • Replace in-code color names with predefined colors like primary and secondary. Every time I wanted to change the color on the site, I had to change the HTML code for that. Not anymore, I now change only the config of Tailwind and the colors throughout the site change.
  • Make it snow for the winter season.
  • Change colors to have the Christmas 2022 edition, temporary until next year.

Because my theme for WordPress is actually a Laravel app, it was very simple to make the incremental changes, you can actually view the diff.

With the changes on classic social network sites, I think having a personal site or blog is more important again and back in fashion.

Not a lot of people might read my blog, but writing is a good exercise for me and I am basically keeping a personal journal that is also public. Also coding the blog theme is good to switch contexts from work where I do mainly React these days.

Hope you like my changes for this year, now I want to be more active on my blog (both English and Romanian parts) because… the content you own is the best one. Never trust social media sites.


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