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Hello world, welcome to my english blog.

Hi there! For a long time I’ve wanted to make a personal page and blog in English, but I was too shy to actually do it. Not anymore.

On this nice Saturday evening I took an initial step to translate my existing romanian website to English. I use WordPress for this site so I quickly installed WPML and translated some contents of the site to make my english site you’re on. You can see the steps I did in theme code here.

This website, even if it is powered by WordPress for now, has a custom theme built by me with TailwindCSS and powered by… (drum rolls)… Laravel. I use a framework called Laraish that gives you the full power of Laravel inside a WordPress theme.

A few words about me, more you can read on the dedicated page: my name is Filip, I live in Romania, almost 28. I have a wonderful wife (Catalina) and 2 kids (Joshua and Caleb). I’m a software developer working as a contractor for a Canadian firm.

What motivated me to start an english blog and site? Well… the IT world in Romania is kinda’ small. Whenever someone from Twitter visits my site from outside Romania, it was hard to see who I am and what I do. Now, with English content, you can read all about me. My English is not perfect, but I guess I will become better as I practice.

Also, I work a lot with Laravel and other cool frameworks and stuff and I have a lot of content that I could write about, but again the public that would be interested about that in Romania is small.

Also, I owned filipac.net domain, which I rarely used past 7-10 years. So I decided that my Romanian part will be on pacurar.net and the english one on this domain. Wondering what filipac means? Well it is the username i’ve chosen in 2008 when buying my first domain and it is short for Filip Pacurar.

Hey, what I wrote above is no longer true, a day later I changed my English website domain to pacurar.dev. Read more about it here.

So… hello! Welcome to my english website, after 13 years of having it only in Romanian. By the way, what do you think about my weird design of this site?

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Guess it's obvious, but the theme is created by myself with Tailwind CSS. You can find the source code here.
I still use WordPress 🧡. The theme is custom Laravel though 😎.