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Haikus about rain

This is entry #7 for the Bloganuary challenge. Today’s prompt is “Write a short story or poem about rain.”
Raindrops patter down 
Nature's symphony at night 
Peaceful and serene
Storm clouds gather fast 
Thunder rumbles in the distance 
Rain lashes the earth

I have two older Romanian articles about rain here and here.

I like when it is raining outside, especially in the winter, spring or autumn, not so much in the summer when it’s time to absorb as much sun as possible and stay outside.

Rain is comforting especially when sitting inside where it is warm and cozy.

I live in a suburb near the city, In front of my house is an open field. When there are clouds and it rains you can see a lot of wonderful views.

We are lucky enough to get a lot of rainbows like this in our litte suburb.

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