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My Accidents in Over 10 Years of Driving

I was thinking the other day while driving toward Oradea that I recently renewed my driver’s license, so I already have over 10 years of driving experience. However, in these years, despite having had accidents, only one can truly be considered my fault. The first accident was with my parent’s car, a Ford Focus. We...
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Syntax.fm joins Sentry

My favorite podcast, Syntax.FM got acquired by Sentry. More details about this here. I think I started listening to Syntax (looking through the episode list right now to remember) around January 2018. I did not listen to every episode, but I listened to most of them. I always loved Wes’ and Scott’s dedication to the...
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In simple terms: How does a crypto wallet work, how does the blockchain work, and how can you be hacked?

I am part of various Facebook or Telegram crypto groups where inevitably there are also many beginners or less technical users. Often I see phrases like “my funds were transferred to another wallet, but I don’t understand how since I had both pin and face ID authentication”. Let me explain briefly and in simple terms...
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Burnouts in web development

People tend to think that web developers have the perfect job: work from home, stay at a cozy office and type some text that transforms into programs. But in the real world, every if statement, every tiny decision, every deadline, and every project big or small leads to some kind of burnout. I’ve had several...
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Building something practical with Web3

When it first appeared, Web3 was a big thing. Probably this was because it was a bull market too, prices of crypto assets went up and everyone was excited to make quick and easy money. Then a bear market came and everyone started to make fun of web3, saying that the space is toxic and...
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Artificial scarcity

There are some “business courses” out there that all teach you the same thing: in order to be successful, you have to pretend you are always busy, always booked, always pose your business as scarce. And it is incredible that in 2022 this thing still works. Like some scammers in Romania that teach you to...
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New monitor in setup

This week I received the new portable monitor that I ordered last weekend. I mainly ordered it for when I am on the go and I really need the second display (because I have the 14″ Macbook, you know…. tiny). But since I got it, why let it get dust on it and not use...
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The start of the year is expensive

Until you get to the point you’re an adult, the start of the year is nothing special. But then… you begin to hate it. I am not sure how many expenses there are in your country, but I just had to pay those this month: Car insurance – I have 10 years and a couple...
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Haikus about rain

This is entry #7 for the Bloganuary challenge. Today’s prompt is “Write a short story or poem about rain.” Raindrops patter down Nature's symphony at night Peaceful and serene Storm clouds gather fast Thunder rumbles in the distance Rain lashes the earth I have two older Romanian articles about rain here and here. I like...
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Why do I write on this blog

This is entry #6 for the Bloganuary challenge. Today’s prompt is “Why do you write?” I have an older article about this in Romanian here. I also have this article on this blog subject: I consider this blog my long-running project. Over the years, I’ve contributed to a lot of projects, either on a personal...
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What brings me joy

This is entry #5 for the Bloganuary challenge. Today’s prompt is “What brings you joy in life?” There might be days when I am down, days when I am very happy, or regular/normal days. There might be periods of time when I am in the mood for coding and stay at the office desk more,...
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