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Artificial scarcity

There are some “business courses” out there that all teach you the same thing: in order to be successful, you have to pretend you are always busy, always booked, always pose your business as scarce.

And it is incredible that in 2022 this thing still works.

Like some scammers in Romania that teach you to be a freelancer by spamming recruiters on Linked In. If you look at what they say, they always “have just one more place this month”.

Or some photographers that are always fully booked for the whole year always have only “a few weekends available”.

Do you believe this thing when you see it?

I personally don’t. If I ask for someone’s service and they tell me that they are fully booked, that is one thing and maybe I will buy that. But if someone always poses as a busy man, and always posts on social media networks that “they no longer have available slots”… that’s fishy and 90% of it is a lie.

Change my mind.

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