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Afraid of an IT job market crash?

Started wondering a few weeks ago if the IT job market is in a bubble right now… wondering this because there seems to be an incredible market opportunity right now to get a new job. Got a ton of calls, received a lot of emails, and let’s not forget about LinkedIn where I get leads at least once per week.

All of these new jobs are above-decent paying jobs, so no sketchy startups that pay low.

Wondering… is there a real need for tons of developers? Or do the companies have a lot of money they can throw away and if a crash happens in the market, new employees will be the first ones to be laid off?

What’s your take on this? On top of the jobs available, a lot of net gurus started to appear to intensify their marketing to scam get new clients and make them “freelancers”. Freelancer in most of those guru’s language means normal employees for remote companies. At least I know we have some of those guys here in Romania. At least guys that have experience know that you don’t have to use those services, you can find a new job that is remote and flexible without paying tons of money for those guys.

Leaving you a related video on this topic, but please let me know what do you think about this booming market we’re in now?

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