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No, this is not another side project or something regarding my professional life, it is about something personal.

I am working on getting more patience in the traffic, both as a driver and as the right-seat passenger.

This morning I was driving back from school and kindergarten and I was really relaxed knowing that I had nothing urgent to work on today, I could spend some time listening to The Wally Podcast, buying a morning snack, maybe a Starbucks coffee, you know, a little treat before starting the week.

So I find myself at a red stop, laughing about a joke on the podcast, when the light turns green. In front of me was a dude daydreaming, staring at the light but not moving an inch. My first instinct, as always, was to slam on the horn, like I always do. But then my next thought was… God wants me to be patient, especially in traffic where I could ruin my good morning by getting angry because another man was slow at the lights.

So I stood there, and let me tell you: it was not easy!! I stood there for at least 15 seconds until the guy really realized that he had to get going. Even now I am wondering why the person behind me did not horn at both of us, but who knows, maybe they were scrolling Instagram or something and did not even care.

Baby steps… but I need to keep working on this aspect of my life.

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