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Over 13 years ago I was starting this project that you are on right now: my personal blog. I was 15, did not know what I will do with my life or how long will this blog be active, but I was passionate about IT since then.

Fast-forward to current day, of course my main source of income is not this blog, this is just a hobby. But it is important to say that the oldest hobby I have, programming, became my primary source of income.

In 2012 I got hired at a startup in my hometown Arad. This startup grew alongside me – I was their first programmer. That is the place where I formed and gained most of my knowledge. I learned a lot of development tricks there. Heck, I even became their CTO 2 years before I left them. But in 2018 I started my own path and went the freelancing path. After 5 years in that startup, I felt there is no longer room to grow there.

Anyway, I will write maybe about this more, but now I can do whatever projects I want.

So, because all of us need money to survive, my primary source of money is IT Consultancy.

I focus on web development things, websites, web applications, no matter how complex they are.

I also build mobile apps mostly with React Native – that means I can build an app for iOS or Android.

I work using modern standards, I always look for quality code before shipping a product fast. I love having a nice architecture from the start of the project. In the end, everything I build belongs to you, the client.

I will spend some time to make a portfolio page here, but until then if you want to see my work, email me.

So, if you need anything digital: a site, web app or mobile app, you can contact me and talk about it. I would like to help your idea come to life. IT Consultancy does not mean that I must write and build your project, I can guide you to make the right decisions and then you can work with anyone.

You can write me an email at [email protected] or call me at +40-753-273-950 for more details.

This is not the best way to showcase my knowledge, but I will work on it. I can assure you I know a lot and build a lot of great things. And I am modest, haha.

It would be my pleasure to work together!

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